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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

FAQ - frequently asked questions and some rude offers

1. How can I book?
   : Please refer "How to book" page. Bookings in advance is always appreciated and preferred.

2. Do you accept credit cards or US dollars?
: I accept Japanese Yen and US dollars in CASH ONLY, please see my rates for more.
  NO CREDIT CARDS, Personal checks, or other foreign currencies.

3. Do you offer discounts/is your rate negotiable?
   : oh no, please don't barter. No genglemen friends of mine ever tried this, so please don't be the first person asking for it.
4. I got special requests.......
   : Please let me know! I'd like to know your ideas to make our time mutually fun.

5. Can I pay extra not to use the protection?
   : You mean 1 million dollars? ;-)
     Safe Practice Only, and NO EXCEPTIONS.
     If this is different from what you want, I'm sure you can find other ladies offer services you want in Tokyo.

6. Your reviews say you are very prompt. It seems everyone got a reply via email quickly. How come I didn't?
   : There are cases I do not reply or postpone my answers, for example,
    - My family emergency. 
    - last minute calls - I cannot get ready and arrive at your hotel in just a few hours.
    - when your email has rude or abusive language, and/or is clearly offensive.
    - when your email has requests that I already said NO, such as more photos, photos with my face shown, a trip to Greece, BDSM, Nuru, and Rimming.
    - when you did not provide enough info. I just do not know what to say in return.
    - time wasters. They are just immature boys want to hassle girls out there, and I'm pretty sure they got no fund and guts to meet girls, they only have time to waste in front of the computers.

7. I'm concerned about hygiene/privacy/bullshit...
    : I'm a registered provider here and what I do is legal in Japan. Your privacy and hygiene is as important as mine. Please read my reviews on TER http://www.theeroticreview.com/reviews/show.asp?id=217454 to see how I manage myself and our precious time together.

8. Hey, remember me? I met you before and had a great time. Can we hang out this weekend? Want to meet for coffee/dinner/my friend's party? Amazing food/wine/chances I can provide......
    : this happened once, and oh my gosh, how disappointed I was. I think it's very insulting. I'm a professional companion and I do not "hang out" for free. Your email will be ignored and this will come to the knowledge of your references.

9. When are you coming to my city? It's beautiful here, and I'm dying to meet you!
    : Planning a tour is a hard work and tough business decision to make. If I do, the news will be shown on my website and blog in advance. Please do not send me emails asking for it. You are making your city look bad to me.

10. You are fantastic and I really enjoyed our time together in Tokyo. Can I introduce my friend? He will be in Tokyo soon - can you meet him without screening/formality? He's a nice guy!
    : I'm sure he's a nice guy, yet I only meet people after I communicate with them via email.
      I'll be very glad and thankful if you introduce your friend to me, still he needs to go through the procedure based on his own.


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