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Friday, September 6, 2013

Anna Mariko, I have a question regarding your job!


I've asked the same questions over and over again about the industry, license and how things work in Japan, and I think it's better to write answers here for everyone's sake.

1. You are "a registered provider" in Japan, does it mean what you do is legal in Japan?
: YES I am a registered provider and YES again, if you have an adult entertainment license(風俗営業許可), thus what I do is legal.

2. What's the benefit of choosing a licensed provider like you instead of other girls without a license? Does it actually mean something?
: YES, it means something. As a registered provider, I TAKE CARE OF MYSELF. This is the biggest difference between me and other girls without license. I've asked to sit in lectures and receive letters from the health department. I got tested every time I see someone. This is part of my service and what you are paying for.

3. Is this a reason your rates are above average?
: For the service I provide - I would call it "safe fun with a reliable provider", my rates are very reasonable in Tokyo. Actually, I'm planning a raise soon.
It costs between 17,000 to 21,000Yen for full STD test with national health cover at licensed OB/GYN in Japan depends on the area. If providers are based in central Tokyo paying for their own transportations, such as train fares to visit you in Tokyo, it's already well over 20,000 yen. If someone agreed to visit your hotel for a gift under a certain amount, they must have a very generous doctor friend provide them free consulting and tests, an IT specialist friend managing their website for free, and another wonderful friend drives you anywhere for free. If not, they are skipping their tests and fees they should be responsible to pay. If incall and/or the provider's belong to the agency, the cost should be higher due to high real estate prices in Japan and agency fees.
If I provide incall with a manager, my rates for 2 hours shall start at least 100,000Yen. This is almost exact amount what you pay for Traditional incall places, now only a few left in Kyoto and Tokyo. Those shops are licensed - they got managers, facilities, on/off site PR and girls all together and their donations covers them all. Do the math - numbers don't lie.

4. So if this is really legal, am I free to do anything I want?
: NO, there are rules. If you break them, it becomes illegal and it's a crime. You will be convicted and sentenced a fine or some years in jail, probably both. Registered providers' got right to report you to the Police if you do any of the following :
  -. If you have not reached the age of consent
  -. If you force providers to have sexual intercourse with you
  -. If you force providers an act the he/she does not want to do
  -. If you are scouting him/her to other agencies or managers
  -. If you force providers to tell his/her personal info(if the provide is telling you first open and freely, it's OK)
  -. If you are abusive(verbally, physically, and any other way)
  -. If you ask to meet providers behind their manager/agency/family/IT staff/friends back
  -. If you are under influence of illegal substance in Japan
  -. If you take a picture or tape providers, even if they are agreed with it.
  -. If you tell/write anything personal(such as "she's got a large birthmark on her back...""he has an MJ tattoo on his shoulder..."), pornographic("then I pounded her from behind...""his dick was like..."), rude("That b*itch's not worth it...""His f*cking pathetic..."), and/or something different from the truth with mean intentions("She's so fat...""He's ugly and look very different from the photos...") in public, on the internet, and/or on air(such as a book, blog, forum, radio/TV shows).

4. This is my first time to see a provider and I'm so worried about the risk of meeting a pro, you know, regarding my health and hygiene...
: Let me be honest with you. There are girls having sex with strangers without protection. Because "Oh, I was too drunk..." " I just wanted to be with someone..." "I was lonely and he was just so sweet..."
  Girls like this may not be pros, but are they any better than providers do take care of themselves?
  Real Pros take pride in their grooming and they are very knowledgeable of what they're doing. Choosing a pro is definitely a better way to spend fun time than "let's see what happens later" or "let's see how things go" type of girls. Good providers plan things ahead with you to make sure you get what you want when you decide to spend your precious time and hard earned money.

5. I've been living in Japan for years and am a very experienced hobbyist, but I've never heard about the license, the girls, the industry and/or the risk. Are you for real? How come I've never heard about these things?
: YES, I'm for real. I have family and friends, a full time job outside of escorting. I grew up some years in the US, but mostly grew up in Tokyo and still living in here.
And I'm sorry to say this, yet you don't sound very experienced. Please make sure you've done your homework before you go out and play. It's important to make informed decisions, hope this blog helps.

Whatever fun you have with providers in Japan in the room, stays in the room. Please be a gentleman and enjoy the fun you deserve with a person of your choice, that's basically all about.


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