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Monday, November 2, 2015

So, what's the secret?

Hi there,
As you all know, I never "kiss and tell".
All my friends are gentelmen, and amazing things we've shared just stay between us.

Hmm, still, even some of my oldest friends are dead curious about "what others do" or "the secrets of succeful relationships" I have with my friends.

So here are "the secrets". Most of my friends are like this, and this is what I love about them...

1. It's not me, it's you. You are a gentlemen. You are a nice person and I feel safe around you. In other words, if you are not, I'm not interested in meeting you. If you are mean or abusive, it's a turn off.

2. You are not cheap. You do not barter. I'm not talking about just my donation. Not just your family and bosses.You are generous, kind, and polite to your waiters, cab drivers, dentist, and etc. People remember you as a nice guy.

3. Your have reasonable expectations. You want to spice up your life, a little change from your usual. You have a good life, and so do I. We are consenting adults and we are going to have some discreet fun, not a life or death experience.

4. You love intimacy, you may open up slowly or very quickly... and I'm ready to join at any time. Not just physical, intimacy could be in many different forms. You want this with a nice, reliable girl.

5. You are successful, good at what you do. Often you are an industry leader... or one of those masters of universe. Whatever you do, though you love and good at it, it could be quite stressful. You deserve to have some fun and happen to find me... and we clicked.

Still not enough? Well you just have to meet me and find out :-)

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