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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How To Book in JAPAN

Initial contact and communications are by emails only. There are 4 ways to contact/book. 
Please note that I'm very selective - I'm an established, world-class companion that enjoy what I do.

i. via P411 : https://www.preferred411.com/P119562 

ii. Send me an email with your TER ID with where and when to meet

iii. Other provider references - A couple of established companions's info you spent time with

    OR, a mutural friend of ours - you happen to hear about me from your guy friend and he wants to introduce me to you.

iv. If you are not a member of TER or P411, and do not have anyone to introduce me, please send me an email to tokyomariko86@gmail.com - copy and paste 7 subjects below.

1. Your name checked in your hotel under :
2. Where are you from?:
3. Email address I can contact you:

4. A date and time you want to meet : DD/MM/YY from 8PM(for example)
5. Booking hours:
     - for example, "from 8 PM for overnight fun"
6. Where you want to meet:
     - for example,"Hilton Hotel Tokyo at Nishi-Shinjuku 6-6-9 room number ***
     - if it's private residence, I need your full address including postal code, building name and room number.

     - if you want to go meet outside and go to the hotel together, let me know where to meet and your plans.
7. Your date idea and plan:
     - please let me know things in your mind!

I'm available only for outcall service in Japan - no incall available.

I do not dirty talk on the phone before we meet and/or send more photos via email. Please do not ask.

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