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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Etiquette, Tips, Gift Ideas and Turn Ons

Upon meeting, please place your gift in an unsealed envelope/gift bag on the table as soon as you/I arrive. If we've agreed to meet in public, please offer the donation in a gift bag or file(or tuck in a book/magazine). Let's NOT grab the attention from the waiters, ok?

Additional tips and gifts are never required, yet your kindness will be genuinely appreciated and remembered. A few things I enjoy......

I love all flowers, especially roses and tulips.
I like chocolates, fresh fruits, juicy steaks and French fries. I grew up in Japan - I love all kinds of seafood.
I used to play sports back in high school and still does for a local amateur team. Gift cards for sports shops/women's clothing will be much appreciated.

I drink coffee, green tea, diet soda, beer and wine. No strong liquors like vodka, rum, and whisky for me, please. I don't mind if you drink them though. I don't smoke, but I also don't mind you smoking.

Books- any books you read/heard or found interesting... I love reading.

Notebook computers, like Toshiba/HP/Sony,
I love jewelry of unique and bold design - especially with colored gems and white gold.

I'd love to spend some time with you at beauty/nail salons, spas, and hot springs(Onsen).

I'm turned on when I'm acquainted - I love wine and dine, getting to know you.

If you want to extend our time together, please ask. If I agree to stay longer, please present the donation for the extended time.

New Friends - Please note I do not meet people trying to do it their way. If you refuse to go through my screening protocol or ask favors I already said "No" or "Don't" on my WEBSITE or BLOG, I will stop communicating and this will come to the knowledge of your references.
Please visit my website and read ALL PAGES :  http://tokyomariko.escortfiles.com/


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